FAQ: In The Brief Bedford Reader What Page Is Sweet, Sour, And Resentful Essay On?

What is sweet sour and resentful about?

A persian matriarch arrives in the new world with a suitcase full of recipes, an open-door policy for guests, and an insatiable appetite for bitterness. My mother’s main ingredient in cooking was resentment—not that I can blame her.

What does evolution thy name is potluck mean?

Dumas concludes her essay by stating “Evolution, thy name is potluck.” This illustrates the author’s main point that traditions and rituals should be practiced in a way that ensures that they are not an advantage to some and a disadvantage to others. tradition is good only if it brings joy to all involved…

Where in this essay does Dumas use Persian words what is their effect?

a. Dumas uses Persian words when referring to the types offood and the dishes that her mother was preparing for dinner. Using the Persian names for these dishes gives the effect to the reader that they are important to herculture and are something that is deeply valued and treasured within the Persian community.

What is Dumas purpose?

Dumas’ purpose is to represent the importance of accepting one’s identity and other’s. Having a different name brought her a great challenge to fit in with her peers. Through the story, she learned how to accept her own name and how should others accept people’s differences. She portrays this idea in a humorous way.

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How did Firoozeh pay for college?

When Firoozeh turned fourteen, she began to worry that she would be unable to afford college. In order to make some money she began babysitting. One family she sat for offered to pay her five dollars an hour, which was far more than the dollar per hour she was used to.

What is a Persian king called?

Shāh, Old Persian Khshayathiya, title of the kings of Iran, or Persia. When compounded as shāhanshāh, it denotes “king of kings,” or emperor, a title adopted by the 20th-century Pahlavi dynasty in evocation of the ancient Persian “king of kings,” Cyrus II the Great (reigned 559–c. 529 bc).

Why did Kazem have a hard time finding a job?

The Hostage Crisis provokes a lot of hostility toward Iranian-Americans, and as a result, Kazem—a talented engineer who bears zero hostility toward the U.S.—is prevented from finding work.

What is the F word by Firoozeh Dumas?

“The F Word” written by Firoozeh Dumas, describes the struggles of an Iranian immigrant that tries to assimilate and feel accepted in the American society. The excerpt is about not feeling comfortable in using her Farsi name and the negative attitudes she receives while using it.

Why did firoozeh change her name?

Due to the difficulties Firoozeh faced with people attempting to pronounce her name, she decided to adopt an American middle name and go by that. After changing her name, the Iranian revolution occurred. Since Firoozeh had light skin, spoke without an accent, and was now called Julie, many assumed she was an American.

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